Stake is a blockchain based system, it allows OMNIS members to make profit by holding OMNIS,
users won't have to transfer tokens or keep the PC on, users will only have to keep tokens in their wallets ..
after about 3 days STAKE will start releasing OMNIS that users can claim when they want,
if users remove OMNIS from their wallets the profit stops.
OMNIS STAKE is ecological, easy and profitable, it is guaranteed for 5 years by the smart-contract.
No obligation, no block to tokens, users can transfer them whenever they want,
OMNIS STAKE works with a completely unique and virtual proof of stake.
Users will always have total control.
The first year 106.000.000 tokens will be reserved to STAKE ,
the second year 49.000.000, the third year 24.000.000,
the fourth 13.000.000 and the fifth 11.000.000
The calculation is made using the getProofOfStakeReward